General terms and conditions


Filed with the Chamber of Commerce under number 56679874 GENERAL:

These general conditions apply to all agreements with Fishing Adventure BV (hereinafter referred to as: Fishing Adventure) and to entering and staying on or around the Zandwinplas Rutbekerveld and surrounding grounds (hereinafter collectively referred to as: the "Lake").


Fishing Adventure only accepts bookings from persons aged 18 and over.

  • A booking is only definite after a booking has been unconditionally confirmed to you by Fishing Adventure by e-mail and the full amount due for the booking has been received from you in advance.
  • Upon booking, You must immediately pay at least 60% of the total amount involved in the booking to Fishing Adventure by transfer to Fishing Adventure's bank account number. The remaining 40% should be paid to Fishing Adventure no later than 14 days before the start of Your stay by transfer to Fishing Adventure's bank account. If Fishing Adventure has not received the remaining amount not later than 14 days before Your reservation, Your reservation will be cancelled without the right to a refund of amounts already paid by You.
  • Fishing Adventure reserves the right to refuse, cancel or alter a booking in whole or in part at any time without giving reasons, even after a booking has initially been accepted and/or the booking has been fully paid for and/or the stay has started. - In case of total or partial refusal or cancellation of Your booking by Fishing Adventure, Fishing Adventure will refund to You the amount relating to it and received by it in advance. -
  • In case of total or partial modification of Your booking by Fishing Adventure, Fishing Adventure will refund to You the amount paid in advance if You have informed Fishing Adventure by e-mail within 7 days after the notification of the modification that You do not agree with the modification. The aforementioned amount will be transferred to You within 7 days after Your notification to Fishing Adventure.
  • If You cancel a booking within 7 days of booking, You are entitled to a full refund of the amount paid by You. Cancellation must be made by email or in writing. 
  • If you cancel a booking after 7 days of booking or if you cancel your stay early or prematurely, there will be no refund.
  • Prior to your stay, you will receive from Fishing Adventure a booking agreement containing the booking conditions, as well as a copy of the corresponding rules and regulations. To this booking agreement these general conditions apply. You must strictly abide by all the rules mentioned in these documents. On arrival, all fishermen must sign a copy of the regulations for approval. Violation of one or more of the above-mentioned rules gives Fishing Adventure the right to remove you (or have you removed) from the lake and can therefore result in your removal from the lake without restitution of the booking fee or part thereof.


  • The prices in brochures and on Fishing Adventure's own website are not binding. Fishing Adventure reserves the right to change prices and/or charge a surcharge, for example as a result of (but not limited to) a change in taxes. At the time of booking, You will be informed of the then current price. The price stated on the confirmation/invoice is binding. Possible price discounts and/or special offers can no longer be used once the confirmation/invoice has been sent by Fishing Adventure.
  • Fishing Adventure prices do not include booking fees, sales tax, tourist tax and other government levies.


  • You may only enter the lake and stay there according to the reservation in the period between the times of arrival and departure as described in your reservation agreement. You may only enter the Pond after having first reported to Fishing Adventure reception and been given permission to enter the Pond.
  • The number of persons having access to the Pond is limited to the number of persons mentioned on Your reservation agreement. You are not allowed to receive visits to the Pond from persons not mentioned on the reservation agreement.
  • At first request, all persons mentioned on the booking agreement must be able to show a valid ID to Fishing Adventure staff.


  • On arrival, you must pay the deposit mentioned on the reservation agreement in cash or by pin to Fishing Adventure. If during your stay you cause damage or expenses to Fishing Adventure or if you have not left the spot clean and correct at your departure, Fishing Adventure has the right to charge you for the afore mentioned damage and (cleaning) expenses and deduct them from the deposit. If the amount of damage and costs exceeds the deposit amount paid, you must immediately pay the difference to Fishing Adventure.


  • After receipt of full payment and final acceptance of your booking by Fishing Adventure, you are entitled to use the fishing spot you booked on or around the lake during the period you booked. Furthermore you have access to the (central) facilities belonging to the lake during the period booked. You are not entitled to access or use any other parts or other fishing spots on or around the lake. Outside the booked period you have no right of access to the lake.
  • Instructions from Fishing Adventure staff should be followed immediately at all times. 
  • You must use the fishing spot in accordance with the provisions of the internal regulations you received with the reservation agreement.
  • You must keep Your fishing spot clean during Your stay. You must not damage or alter the fishing site or other property of Fishing Adventure on or around the lake. Rubbish should be deposited immediately in the bins on or near the lake. On departure you are to leave your swim in the same clean state as you found it on arrival. Refuse that you take with you from the swim can be deposited in the dustbin at the (central) facilities.
  • You are not allowed to carry out actions that could lead to disturbance, destruction or damage of nature and/or other people's property or cause nuisance to others. 
  • It is not allowed to swim in the Lake or to sail and float on it with boats, rafts or other materials you have brought yourself. 
  • It is not allowed to bring (domestic) animals on the fishing huts. On the shore banks, (domestic) animals are allowed, but only on a leash. Aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle. 
  • Fishing Adventure reserves the right to make changes to the set-up and opening hours of the (central) facilities belonging to the Lake without entitling You to any compensation. 
  • Fishing Adventure reserves the right, under special circumstances or in harsh weather conditions (such as storms, thunderstorms, snow and hail, freezing cold, heat wave, etc.), all at the discretion of Fishing Adventure, to temporarily close the Pond, remove You from the Pond and deny You access to the Pond without being entitled to any compensation.
  • Fishing Adventure also informs you that it is possible that during your stay (maintenance) works are carried out on or around the Pond without you being entitled to any compensation.


  • If you wish to visit the Pond without having booked a fishing spot, you should register in advance on Fishing Adventure's website or contact Fishing Adventure in advance by phone to ask if this is possible. Daily rates will be charged for this.


  • Fishing Adventure checks the terrain, fishing spots, materials and facilities regularly. If you do notice deviations from the description and/or damage, you should report this immediately to a member of the Fishing Adventure staff. The complaints/problems will then be solved as soon as possible by Fishing Adventure. Complaints/problems not reported during Your stay will not be dealt with and will not be accepted.
  • Fishing Adventure does its best to ensure good fishing in the Lake, but cannot and will never guarantee or otherwise vouch for good fishing.
  • Fish caught should be returned to the Lake undamaged immediately after being caught.


  • For more information on how Fishing Adventure handles Your personal data and privacy, Fishing Adventure refers to its privacy statement on its website. Photos sent by YOU to Fishing Adventure may be used and published by Fishing Adventure without restriction.


  • Force majeure on the part of Fishing Adventure exists if the execution of the agreement is wholly or partly, whether temporarily or not, prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Fishing Adventure, including danger of war, personnel strikes, blockades, fire, floods, harsh weather conditions (such as storms, thunderstorms, snow and hail, freezing cold, heat wave, etc.) and other disturbances or events, work on or around the Lake by the owner.


  • Entering the Pond is entirely at your own risk. You fish at your own risk and you are personally liable for your actions.
  • Any liability for theft, destruction, damage, loss, personal injury, accidents, death, etc., for the unavailability of the fishing spot, (central) facilities or other matters or on any ground whatsoever of Fishing Adventure, its management and employees, as well as the owner of the Lake, is completely excluded. If Fishing Adventure, its management and employees, as well as the owner of the Lake, for whatever reason, could be held liable for any damage, then their liability is limited to direct damage only and to a maximum of 3 times the amount of the booking concerned, but never to more than € 5.000,-.
  • You and the other persons mentioned in your reservation agreement are jointly and severally liable for any loss and/or damage suffered by Fishing Adventure and/or any third party as a direct or indirect result of your and/or their stay, whether caused by any act or omission of Yourself or of any third party present on the Pond by Yourself, as well as for any damage caused by any animal and/or thing that Yourself and/or one or more of the aforementioned persons have in their possession.
  • Fishing Adventure advises you to take out your own proper cancellation, liability, theft and travel insurance.


Dutch law applies to the booking and stay on or around the Lake.