Read the Adventure Lagoon's regulations to ensure the well-being of YOU and the fish.

Fishing Adventure is committed to the safety of its guests and fish. Everyone should know the regulations and abide by them.

Rule 1

One rod per angler is allowed with an original barbless hook up to hook size 6 (available from Fishing Adventure). Flattened barbs are not allowed.

Rule 2

Fishing is allowed with float, feeder, method feeder or sliding lead. Maximum weight of the feedbasket, method feeder or lead sinker is 20 grams. Be careful when casting due to other anglers.

Rule 3

Only fish in their own box and up to half the pond.

Rule 4

Only nylon lines allowed up to a maximum of 30/100.

Rule 5

Own landing net and unhooking mat are prohibited. Fishing Adventure provides a landing net and unhooking mat free of charge.

Rule 6

Sieve net and/or storage bag are strictly prohibited.

Rule 7

If you want to photograph a caught fish always bend your knees and never hold a fish while standing. Always hold the fish above the unhooking mat.

Rule 8

Never lay a caught fish in the grass but always on a wet unhooking mat.

Rule 9

Electronic bite alarm is allowed if set at the lowest volume and does not cause a nuisance.

Rule 10

Only catch and release. Any fish caught must be immediately released, possibly after being photographed. It is strictly forbidden to kill and/or take fish.

Rule 11

If a fish has swallowed the hook, cut the fishing line as close to the fish's mouth as possible. Never try to remove a swallowed hook, the fish easily gets rid of the hook itself again.

Rule 12

Hook baits (boilies, worms, maggots, pellets) are available from Fishing Adventure. It is also allowed to bring your own hook bait. Besides worms, maggots, boilies and pellets, only hook bait suitable for human consumption is allowed.

Rule 13

Feeding is allowed, but only with the high-quality pellets available from Fishing Adventure. Feeding with self-brought feed is prohibited.

Rule 14

Food and drinks are available from Fishing Adventure. You are also allowed to bring your own food or drinks.

Rule 15

Children under 12 years should always fish accompanied by an adult.

Rule 16

Dogs are allowed provided they are not aggressive, leashed and provided the owner cleans up the faeces immediately.

Rule 17

Radios and music are not allowed at the ponds.

Line 18

Please clear up all rubbish immediately and deposit it in 1 of the available rubbish containers.

Line 19

Fishing Adventure employees are authorised to check assemblies. Instructions from our staff should always be followed.