Regulations Fishing Adventure Lake

Read Fishing Adventure Lake's regulations to ensure the welfare of YOU and the fish.

Fishing Adventure is committed to the safety of its guests and fish. Everyone should know the regulations and abide by the house rules.

Rule 1

Entering and navigating the Rutbekerveld is at your own risk. Fishing Adventure and the owner of the Rutbekerveld can never be held liable and do not accept liability in case of damage, accidents, theft, destruction, injury, death, etc.

Rule 2

Only walking pace is allowed on the grounds and in the car park.

Rule 3

After 10.15pm, the gate giving access to Fishing Adventure will NOT be opened unless there is an emergency.

Rule 4

Upon arrival, each angler should register at the Fishing Adventure Fishing Cafe (first park the car in the car park and then follow the signs to the reception).

Rule 5

The use of H-Markers is strictly forbidden. Sturgeons can become entangled in them. If you do use H-Markers, you run the risk of having to leave the site immediately, without refund of any money already paid. The use of bar markers is permitted.

Rule 6

Rutbekerveld is a deep water (up to 20 metres). It is compulsory to wear a life jacket in the boat at all times.

Rule 7

At Fishing Adventure, very large fish swim around well over 2 metres and heavier than 120 KG. These fish should be approached with care. Fishing Adventure BV and the owner of the Rutbekerveld can not be held responsible for accidents caused by these large fish. Each angler remains responsible for his or her own safety at all times.

Rule 8

Swimming is not allowed in Rutbekerveld. Because of the great depth and temperature differences, swimming in Rutbekerveld is life-threatening.

Rule 9

The land and water behind the marker on the western side of Rutbekerveld is protected nature reserve and should never be entered, neither on foot nor by boat. Deepening work is being carried out here, which can lead to very dangerous situations. Persons who do enter or navigate this area or the water behind the separation will be removed from Rutbekerveld.

Rule 10

Quietness is paramount at Fishing Adventure. Electric bite alarms should be set to the lowest volume. Loud music and abuse of alcohol and/or drugs are strictly forbidden.

Rule 11

Only the use of electric motors is allowed, petrol and diesel engines are prohibited.

Rule 12

All rubbish should be deposited in the bins provided on the swim or collected in a rubbish bag and taken away after the fishing session. This also applies to cigarette butts, caps of (beer) bottles, etc. The rubbish bag can be left in the containers at the entrance.

Rule 13

It is not allowed to cut down or damage trees and other vegetation. If there is vegetation in the way, please report this to the caretaker who will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Rule 14

Open fire is prohibited. The use of BBQs and gas burner is allowed. It is compulsory when using a BBQ and gas burner to have a full bucket of water next to the BBQ.

Rule 15

It is forbidden to place BBQ, cooking utensils or other heat sources on the artificial grass of the cuttings. If you do so, the damage will be recovered from you. You must pay for the damage on the spot.

Rule 16

It is not allowed to leave rods unattended in the water. If You leave the swim for a while, please reel in the rods first.

Rule 17

Bivvys and tents are allowed but only in green, camou or camouflage colours.

Line 18

Dogs are allowed (except on the floating decks with fishing huts) but must be leashed at all times. Dog faeces must always be cleaned up immediately. Swimming is also forbidden for dogs! Aggressive dogs must be leashed and muzzled.

Line 19

There is only Catch And Release fishing at Fishing Adventure. Each fish should be photographed, measured and possibly weighed (not allowed for sturgeon) immediately after being caught (if required) and then released immediately. It is not allowed to keep or string caught fish in storage bags or weighslings (catfish).

Line 20

Killing or taking fish is strictly prohibited. In such a case, we will report it and recover the damage from You.

Rule 21

Sturgeons may only be unhooked, measured and photographed in the water. It is not allowed to weigh or bring sturgeons onto the bank.

Rule 22

Sturgeons should not be scooped with a landing net as this may break their backs. Grab the sturgeon by the tail root or drag it with the fishing line to shallower water. In shallow water, turn the sturgeon on its back and it will calm down so that you can easily unhook it.

Rule 23

Carp may only be unhooked, measured, weighed and photographed in the water or on the bank immediately adjacent to the water.

Rule 24

The use and possession of storage bags is strictly prohibited. Carp must always be weighed in a weighsling. If storage bags are found on You, You must leave the premises immediately without refund of any monies already paid.

Rule 25

The use of your own landing net, unhooking mat and/or weigh sling is strictly forbidden due to the transmission of fish diseases. These materials are provided free of charge by Fishing Adventure.

Rule 26

Always be very careful that when lifting the landing net or weighsling, the fins of the fish are nice and straight and tight along the body of the fish.

Rule 27

You should always carry wound disinfectant and treat wounds or damage immediately. If you have not brought this product with you, you can buy it at reception.

Rule 28

The use of Longcurve, longshank, Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailers or other curved hooks is strictly forbidden!

Rule 29

Only microbarbs not smaller than size 6 may be used. Fishing with double hooks is not allowed, even if you are fishing with a baitfish. Stingers are not allowed either.

Rule 30

Dredges are not allowed except when fishing with lures intended for predatory fish. For all other fishing, trebles are strictly prohibited.

Rule 31

The use of leadcore is not allowed.

Rule 32

Fish-safe lead systems where the lead is released upon line breakage are mandatory.

Rule 33

Fishing Adventure rents boats with electric motor and battery, these should preferably be booked in advance.

Rule 34

The boats may only be used to sail to and from the swim, feed, release lines and to drill a big fish. Recreational boating is not allowed. You should always be considerate of other anglers. So do not sail too close to the bank and other swims or buoys.

Rule 35

Because we want to chart the growth of our carp, we ask you to take 1 photo from both sides and email these photos together with weight and length (always measure under the fish along) to: [email protected] or email 06-41189424. These photos also become the property of Fishing Adventure and may be posted on our website or social-media pages or used for promotional purposes. By accepting these rules, You give Fishing Adventure explicit permission to use Your catch photos fully and unrestrictedly on Fishing Adventure's website and social media as well as for promotional activities or purposes.

Line 36

Toilets and showers are available at the reception. These are accessible 24 hours a day. Should the need be so great that the toilet cannot be reached in time, ALWAYS bury your need.

Rule 37

On arrival, the full amount due, if any, must be paid in advance. In case of no-show (reserved pitch) or early departure, there will be no refund of payments already made.

Line 38

Fishing with peanuts or self-brought particles and tiger nuts is strictly forbidden. At Fishing Adventure, Particle Mix and Slimy Tigers are available that may be fished and fed.

Rule 39

Fishing Adventure staff have the right to check rods and leaders at any time, even when they are in the water. At the request of an employee, the rod should be brought in immediately.

Line 40

Braided lines are only allowed in combination with a nylon pre-string of at least 3 rod lengths (carp fishing) of at least 35/100. Make sure that the lead can slide freely over the knot so that the fish can easily lose it in case of line breakage. For sturgeon fishing, when fishing with braided line, use a nylon sweep of at least 3 metres of nylon with a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm.

Rule 41

It is allowed to fish with 3 rods per angler.

Rule 42

If you want to leave the site, the rods should always be turned in.

Rule 43

The use of feeding boats is allowed.

Rule 44

If necessary, big fish must be drilled from the boat. This is because of the steep slopes present where hooked fish can lie down.

Rule 45

If a fish gets stuck behind an embankment or in an obstacle, always try to free the fish from the boat and not from the bank. This can cause serious damage to the fish.

Rule 46

Fishing is not allowed further than 150 metres from shore.

Rule 47

Fishing with live bait is not allowed.

Rule 48

Fishing with dead baitfish is only allowed if these baitfish are caught or bought at Fishing Adventure. Only Chub, Rudd and Bream up to 30 CM may be used for this purpose. Bringing your own baitfish is strictly forbidden because of the risk of fish diseases.

Rule 49

In case of theft or attempted theft of fish and/or deliberate damage to our property, we will always contact the police. Any damage caused by you will be recovered from you.

Rule 50

It is not allowed to receive visitors on Your spot.

Rule 51

Violation of these rules may result in You having to leave the premises, even if Your fishing session has not yet ended. This is without refund of monies already paid.

Rule 52

You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 7 days after booking. After this, if you cancel, you will be charged the full amount and there will be no refund. We advise you to take out cancellation insurance.

Rule 53

In all cases, where these regulations do not provide or where there is doubt about interpretation or meaning, Fishing Adventure decides, this decision is binding.

Rule 54

By entering Rutbekerveld, You agree to the rules and regulations of Fishing Adventure, whether or not You have read the rules and regulations. Upon registration, You must also sign a form for agreement. Signing means that you accept all the rules and conditions laid down by Fishing Adventure and cannot object to them afterwards.