Físhing Adventure Lagoon

For a fun-filled day of fishing Also possible to rent all or part of the boat in combination with BBQ.

Fun fishing adventures for young and old 

Fishing adventure lake Fishing Adventure Lagoon

Book a spot on the Lagoon

Book a spot at the Fishing Adventure Lagoon pond. The Lagoon boasts an extensive fish stock, including Carp, Sturgeon, Catfish and several other species. The pond is suitable for morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

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Fishing on the Lagoon

Fishing Adventure Lagoon is a cosy place where you can fish and enjoy nature. Various packages are offered, such as company parties, family days, fishing with a BBQ and organised competitions.
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First Beluga caught in the Lagoon

During a test session, the first beluga over 20 KG was caught.


14 June the grand opening ADVENTURE LAGOON. The last fish will be released at the end of May and [...]