Find out more about the materials allowed at Fishing Adventure.

Fishing Adventure is a large and deep lake with huge fish well over 2 metres and heavier than 100 KG. It is important that YOUR fishing equipment is adapted accordingly.

Rule 1

We advise you to fish with rods of at least 2.5 LBS. There should be at least 200 metres of nylon cord on the reels with a minimum thickness of 35/100.

Rule 2

Fishing with braided lines for carp is prohibited unless a nylon pre-string of at least 3 rod lengths is used. The use of braided line for fishing for Sturgeon and Catfish is allowed with at least 3 metres of nylon pre-string with a minimum thickness of 0.8mm.

Rule 3

Only fish-safe lead systems may be fished. Leadcore is prohibited.

Rule 4

Only hooks with microbarbs, no smaller than size 6, may be fished.

Rule 5

The use of Longcurve, Longshank, Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailers or other curved hooks is strictly forbidden!

Rule 6

Fishing with trebles and/or multiple hooks is only allowed in combination with lures. In any other fishing, trebles and multiple hooks are strictly prohibited.